The Left-Handed Tantrika: Vajrayogini, Transgressive Discipline and Crazy Wisdom

    "As in the esoteric Saiva systems, kapalika and sexuall practices in the Buddhist tantras are grounded upon a metaphysics of nonduality.  Its purpose is to counter the ordinary, conventional dualism of the mind that naturally perceives aspects of the world as either "pure" or "impure."  By shattering these instinctive responses kapalika practices radically chanlllenge the unenlightened dualistic tendencies of the mind, attacking the innate dichotomy of subject and object and forcing it to break through to the experience of a nondual reality.  In both nondual syustems the underlying method is that of "transgressive discipline" or "conduct of the left" (vamacara)."

    "Considering Dogs, Brahmins and Untouchables to be of the same nature..."

    Event Date 06-07-2024
    Event End Date 06-14-2024
    Individual Price $595.00

    Crying to the Guru from Afar:

    Jinlap,Devotion and Crazy Wisdom

    This weekend is meant for both beginners and advanced students.  In fact, the purpose of this weekend is to create a retreat that both beginners and advanced attend together.

    We will be engaging practices which are readily available to everyone but have profound implications especially if they are engaged with the proper view.  The purpose of this retreat is to engage these practices with the proper view and so experience what is called jinlap. 

    The Vajrayana path places tremendous empahasis on receiving "the blessings" of your guru and lineage.  This is said to depend solely on the devotion of the student..  We will be exploring all of these themes in this retreat.  Jinlap means blessings-- the path of vajrayana is the path of blessings.  They are completely available and provide the basis for our path.

    Event Date 07-19-2024
    Event End Date 07-21-2024
    Individual Price $195.00

    Work Study

    Event Date 11-01-2024
    Event End Date 02-01-2025

    Placing my head at the feet of the Dharma King, I offer homage: Bless me that I might see natural luminosity.

    Hey, you of great fortune!

    Sit without moving,
    like a tent peg driven into hard earth!

    Gaze with your eyes neither open nor closed,
    like the eyes of a deity in a fresco!

    And let your mind settle, loose and relaxed,
    like a woollen blanket spread out on the ground…

    At times like these, while resting in the utter brilliance that is the space beyond thought, which may be likened to a cloudless sky, you will experience unimpeded translucence like a faultless crystal.

    This is none other than the view of the ultimate, the luminous Great Perfection. Resting in equipoise within the pure luminosity, vividly clear like the sky, dullness and agitation are naturally voided and do not arise anew – a faultless, brilliantly clear non-conceptual meditation. When thought arises, be it good or bad, it is recognized for what it is and will not disturb. Focus upon this method and view your genuine nature; effortless, it arises by relaxing into the expanse, and thoughts are pacified on their own ground.

    When you are able to practice for longer periods, it can be like, for example, when muddy water is stirred up and then allowed to settle – the innate lucidity of the water becomes clearer. Similarly, when myriad appearances arise and are realized to be like reflections, they cause the natural clarity of mind itself to become ever clearer. This in turn leads to the effortless arising of various qualities, such as the various types of clairvoyance and so on.

    Should even the Great Master of Oḍḍiyāna appear before you, he’d have nothing greater than this to say on the view of the Great Perfection.

    Should even Longchen Rabjam appear before you, he’d have nothing greater to teach you on the practice of taking thought as the path.

    Should even the twenty-five exalted disciples appear before you, they’d have nothing greater to say concerning this practice.

    As for myself, a yogin, this is my practice, and I have no greater meditation instruction to offer you.

    You may analyze meticulously, but when a wind blows it naturally disperses the clouds and the sky can be seen. Endeavour to see empty clarity, mind itself, in the same way – there is nothing greater than this understanding. If you don’t stir up the silt, the water will remain clear; as such, don’t analyze. Simply rest without contrivance and you will come to see the emptiness of mind itself. There is nothing greater to see than this!

    There are many views, but that of the emptiness of mind itself, devoid of all grasping, is the unmistaken view of the Great Perfection. When death comes to yogis of this method they are able to seize the clear light of death.

    Hearing about it is beneficial, but I pray the actual experience of clear light will become evident.

    Written by the old ignoramus, Gangshar Wangpo. May it prove meaningful!

    Translated by Sean Price, 2015

    Event Date 12-02-2024
    Event End Date 12-08-2024
    Individual Price $525.00

    Winter Dathun: Month-long Sesshin

    This retreat was created by Trungpa Rinpoche in the 1970's.  Since Tibetan Buddhism does not have a format for Group Shamatha Vipashyana training, Trungpa Rinpoch in consultation with Kobun Chino Roshi developed what we call "Vajradhatu Zen."  

    We sit 8-10 hours per day with oryoki meals and our "Vajradhatu Zen" Liturgy practice.  This format is completely unique to our lineage and doesn't exist anywhere else!

    Event Date 01-03-2025
    Event End Date 01-31-2025
    Individual Price $1,500.00

    Vajrayogini Dathun

    Event Date 02-28-2025
    Event End Date 03-28-2025
    Individual Price $3,000.00

    Knowing the Key Point for Resolving the Nature of Mind

    March 15-17, 2024

    In Shamatha/Vipashyana practice we resolve the ture nature of mind which is beyond habitual reference point by developing one pointedness in our meditation practice.

    "One pointedness meansx recognizing the nature of mind;

    divided into the lesser, medium, and greater stages:

    One sees the alternation of bliss and luminosity,

    One masters resting in samadhi,

    And experience continuously appears as luminosity."

    Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye

    We will be working with the 9th Karmapa Wangchuk Dorje's Mahamudra Manual "Elliminating the Darkness of Ignorance" along with Khenpo Tsultrim Gamptso's instructions on Path Mahamudra and Trungpa Rinpoche's pith instructions.

    Event Date 03-14-2025
    Event End Date 03-16-2025
    Individual Price 195.00

    Kagyu Ngondro and the Preliminary Transmission of Trungpa Rinpoche's Surmang Kagyu Lineage

    There are no prerequisites for this retreat

    We will be working with the 9th Karmapa's formulation of the ngondro or preliminary practices that we use in the Surmang Kagyu lineage of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

    The preliminary practices are foundational in terms of creating the right conditions for us to recognize the nature of mind and to train from that key understanding.  It is often said that the preliminaries are as profound as the main practice and we have found that to be true.

    Cost: $195.00

    Includes room and board.

    Event Date 04-18-2025
    Event End Date 04-20-2025
    Individual Price $195.00

    The Inner Yoga of Shamatha/Vipashyana Practice

    This weekend we focus on the inner yoga of the 7 point posture of vairocana and why it is important to work on this yogic pose.  We will look at the teachings on the avadhuti channel and centralizing the disparate energies through one pointed training.

    "The teachings of the meditative posture of Vairocana are a method for developing single-minded concentration for the development and completing stages of annuttarayoga tantra, and effortless non-conceptual experience of bliss and clarity.  Therefore beginners should rely on this essential point about the bodily posture....According to the tantra teachings, mind and the energy winds upon which it rides are inseparable.  If the energy-winds "prana" are proplerly channelled, the mind will be focused;  but when they run wild then thoughts do likewise."Wangchuk Dorje, 9th Karmapa

    $195.00 includes room and board

    Event Date 05-02-2025
    Event End Date 05-04-2025
    Individual Price $195.00