Quintessential Trungpa Rinpoche : “The Cosmic Joke and the Great Swtcheroo”

    The Quintessential Trungpa Rinpoche:  "The Cosmic Joke and the Great Switcheroo"

    There are no prerequisites for this retreat.

    "The Quintessential Trungpa Rinpoche" retreats are a series of weekend retreats which present  the key teachings Trungpa Rinpoche presented during his transmission of the authentic Dharma to the west.  In this retreat we will explore the fundamental teachings on habitual mind as the "cosmic joke.;" and how meditation practice enables us to infiltrate the process of ego with wakefulness-- thereby discovering nonreference point experience in the midst of confusion-- the basis of Mahamudra and Dzogchen.

    The weekend will consist of talks by the resident teacher and the Practice of "mixing mind with space" the essential training of Dzogchen practice.  There will be group discussion and individual meditation interviews.

    cost:  $195.00

    Event Properties

    Event Date 02-23-2024
    Event End Date 02-25-2024
    Individual Price $195.00

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