Blazing and Melting --Vajrayogini Tummo Retreat

Vajrayogini Tummo Retreat

"When the nature of even the vase empowerment has not arisen within the disciple's mind, he is not eligible to receive the higher empowerments and will in any case not comprehend them.  When the seeds of the ripening empowerments have not been sown, how can the leaves and fruit of the liberating path grow forth?  Further empowerments will therefore be nothing more than futile effort on the part of both master and disciple, and, in the worst case will form the circumstances for the downfall and violation of divulging the secrecy of Mantrayana.

On the contrary, when the auspicius coincidence of master and disciple nectar and suitable vessel, come together, the vase empowerment does ripen the body of the disciple so that his aggregates, nadis and elements are purified and the five poisons dawn as wisdom.  Through the power of that, he then becomes a suitable recipient for the secret empowerment."

Tsele Natsok Rangdrol

Prerequisites:  Completion of Dathun, Seminary, Ngondro, Preliminary Transmission, Vajrayogini Abhiseka, Amending and Four Karmas Fire Puja.


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Event Date 12-15-2022
Event End Date 12-17-2022
Individual Price $195.00
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