Session 1: Awakening at Dawn from the Sleep of Ignorance Followed by Shamatha/Vipashyana

 The audio recording is of the "Awakening at Dawn from the Sleep of Ignorance" followed by 30 minutes of shamatha/vipashyana meditation.


Awakening At Dawn From the Sleep of Ignorance


Guru Padma together with his host of dakas and dakinis, accompanied by the music

of hand-drums and bells, has arrived with great splendor in the sky before me.

Their bodies in dancing postures, their voices as melodies of symbolic language and

mantra songs, and their minds as the essence of self-occuring awareness are all

directed towards me.


Lord guru and host of dakinis

Gaze upon me with your compassionate eyes.

Now all sentient beings of the three realms are asleep,

Their minds in a state ofr indifference.

When waking up, they wander through experiences of confusion.


So that I, your child, a yogi who realizes natural awareness,

May guide all my mothers, the sentient beings of the six realms,

To the pure land of celestial realms,

I will follow you, father guru.


Not remaining indifferent in thought, word or action,

I will gain certainty by learning, contemplating andd meditating,

And arrange my life around the four sessions.


In this elightful realm of a mountain retreat

I will accomplish the welfare of self and others.

Guru, may you and your host of dakinis,

Bless my boy, speech and mind.


Then, expel the stale breath three times.


Translated in accordance with the oral teachings of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche at Nagi Gompa by Erik Pema Kunsang an Graham Sunstein.