Vajrayana Practice Intensive September 3-9, 2018

Dzogchen Summer Seminary Vajrayana Practice Intensive

September 3-9, 2018

“The power of the Vajrayana teaching is that in order to have accomplishment, one has to take a leap, meaning that one has to step out of the conventional world altogether. One cannot hold on to any conventional dharmas, including experiences of bliss or emptiness or nonthought. One actually has to take that step and leave the conventional world altogether. And that kind of Vajra-like action makes this particular yana totally different from any other. In the past in this lineage and in others, there have been great siddhas, such as Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa, and all the rest, including the Vidyadhara, who actually stepped out completely and manifested complete enlightenment for all beings. And there was not a care at all in their mind for conventional dharmas. The conventional mind is constantly planning to attend the funeral of ego. What kind of flowers will I have? Who will be there? When they read the testimonial, will I like it? Should I prepare a testimonial ahead of time that someone can read? In this case we step out of the conventional preoccupation of ego with it’s own eternity, it’s own continuation.

So in this sense, one has to be prepared in the moment to make such a leap. If we think we have time to understand or recognize awareness, we are mistaken. That in itself is stepping out of the conventional mind of the conventional world altogether. Then we are talking about real Vajra-like practice, Vajra-like being, when poison actually becomes medicine; when neurosis, or insanity, is sanity, is the path. In that case, not accepting or rejecting becomes a continuous display of sacred activity. We have seen in this world those who have tried to demonstrate magic or power. And we, in our stupid, silly way say, “Wow! Did you see that?” Somebody walked on coals. Somebody invented the transistor. Somebody died. Somebody was born. “Wow!” [Pause; laughter.] When we talk about poison as medicine, it is the siddha, the accomplished yogi, who uses all of the apparent evil and all of the phenomena which seem to cause suffering as a means to express complete compassion and also a s a means to demonstrate how to trample on ego completely.”

Vajra Regent Osel Tendzin: 1988 Vajradhatu Seminary


This practice intensive marks the beginning of the Vajrayana section of the Dzogchen Summer Seminary.  Participants need to have completed the previous two yana's before entering this part of seminary training or have permission of the instructor.

The main practice during the Vajrayana practice period continues to be shamatha/vipashyana and the schedule will be similar to previous practice periods.  The emphasis will be on understanding the 14 root downfalls and the importance of samaya the samaya bond.

Cost:  350 includes room and board.

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Event Date 09-03-2018
Event End Date 09-09-2018
Individual Price $350.00
$350.00 10
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