The Drinking Lesson; February 4-6, 2022

The Drinking Lesson Retreat

February 4-6. 2022

"Alcohol's creativity begins when there is a sense of dancing with its effect-- when one takes the effects of drink with a sense of humor.  For the conscious drinker, or for the yogi, the virtue of alcohol is that it brings one down to ordinary reality, so that one does not dissolve into meditation on nonduality.  In this case alcohol acts as a longevity potion.  Those who are overly involved with the sense that the world is a mirage, an illusion, have to be brought down out of their meditation into a state of nonmeditation to relate with people.  In this state, the sights, sounds and smells of the world become overwhelmingly poignant with their humor.  When the yogi drinks, it is his way of accepting the dualistic world of ordinary appearance.   The world demands his attention-- his relationship and compassion.  He is glad and amused to have this invitation to communicate."  Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche "Alcohol as Medicine or Poison."

This retreat is for tantrikas who have  completed Seminary and have received the intitial pointing out transmission.  They also need to have completed half of their prostrations and  the "Introduction to Dzogchen Meditation" retreat at DMC.

We will be reviewing the Vidyadhara's teachings on utilizing the effects of Drinking Alcohol as a method for recognizing the nature of mind within the context of the vajrayana feast  -- in particular, the Sun of Wisdom feast.

Cost:  $295.00 includes room and board

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Event Date 02-04-2022
Event End Date 02-06-2022
Individual Price $295.00
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