Purnachandra Fleet Maneuvers and Sail Training June 18-27, 2021

Purnachandra Fleet Maneuvers and Sail Training

June 18-27, 2021

"It is very important for you to connect with the Dralas, which have particular meaning for the military....The Drala concept should sink into your state of being.  When you wear your uniform or your Guard pin, that actually provokes the outer Drala.  The outer Drala situation is created by the military.  If you are a good Kasung, you have special access to the Dralas, much more so than basic civilians do.  That is important for you to realize."

Makkyi Rabjam Dorje Dradul of Mukpo

The Purnachandra Division is the Naval Arm of the Dorje Kasung.  During this retreat we will use the practice of Sail Training as the skillful means for engaging the teachings of the Dorje Dradul on the notion of "enlightened Military."

The fleet will rendezvous at Portland Yacht Club in Casco Bay, Falmouth, ME during the week of June 19th.  During the first two days we will engage in basic sail training excercises exploring Casco Bay mixed with a daily schedule of shamatha-vipashyana meitation.  We will be studying "Town Talks" and other Dorje Kasung teachings.

During the retreat we will make our way to Rockland Harbor in Penobscot Bay making a series of day sails.

Cost:  Crew members will be expected to help cover the costs of food and moorings during the trip.  Captains will cover all costs for their boats.

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Event Date 06-18-2021
Event End Date 06-27-2021
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