Introduction to Dzogchen: Mixing Mind and Space May 6-8, ,2022

Introduction to Dzogchen: Mixing Mind with Space

May 6-8, 2022

Cost: $195.00

“In the Kagyu tradition a little special technique of breathing practice which is employed is the experiencing of “chung ne dro sum.”  “Chung” is where the thoughts arise; “ne” is dwell and “dro” is where they went; and those three are accompanied by “ying rig se wa.”  Ying means space; “rig” means conscious mind; “se wa” means mixing.  So mixing the mind consciousness.  Sometimes it’s called also “lung sem se wa”—the mind and breathing mixing together.   Whatever it is, the idea is that sense of space.  And one doesn’t have to deliberately try to mix the mind and the breathing with solemn effort particularly.  But like you feel the well-being of your body, in the same way you could feel you are breathing, a general sense of breathing.”

Trungpa Rinpoche

“The View Is the recognition of space as the true nature of mind.  According to the Kagyu gurus, mind is like space.  Space is unobstructed, all pervasive, empty and not produced by causes.  Space accommodates everything—life and death, confusion and liberation.  In that way it is the ground of everything.  At the same time, space is ungraspable by thought and cannot be experienced as a thing.  It is spotless because it has no allegiance and to describe it is impossible.  The best you can say is that space simply is, and in that sense it is primordially pure.

     “We should view our mind in the same way: mind is the ground of everything.”

Vajra Regent Osel Tendzin

The "Introduction to Dzogchen" practice weekends have two purposes-- to be an introductory retreat for people interested in entering the gate of genuine practice at Dzogchen Meditation Center and also to provide a monthy short retreat/refresher for people who have begun their training path here.

These are closed, residential retreats meaning that we fully immerse ourselves in practice with no outer engagements for the duration of the retreat.   The schedule on Saturday is the same daily format followed for the Dathun, "Naked Mind" retreat, and the practice sections during seminary.  Participants are expected to engage in all aspects of practice whole-heartedly including shamatha/vipashyana, chanting, oryoki and functional talking.  Recordings of each of the four sessions can be found on the "practice with us" section of the website.  Please study the teachings on our website to better understand the view of practice engaged during this retreat.  

Practice Schedule:


5-6 arrival and orientation

6-7 Dinner

7-9 First Meditation Session with instruction; closing chants

10 Lights out


5:30 Wake up

6-8 Morning practice with Morning Chants

8-9 Oryoki Breakfast and Break

9-12 Second Session

12-1 Oryoki Lunch and Break

1:30-2:30 Work Period

2:30- 4 Rest

4-6 Third Session

6-7 Dinner in Community Room

7-9 Fourth Session with closing chants

10 Lights out


6:30 Wake up

7-8 Morning Meditation with Morning Chants

8-9 Oryoki Breakfast

9-11 Meditation Practice

11-12 Closing remarks and Chants

1-3 Reception

$195.00 Includes Room and Board

Event Properties

Event Date 05-06-2022
Event End Date 05-08-2022
Individual Price $195.00
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