Dzogchen Kyudo Retreat: Hitting the Key Point with One Shot -- May 4th to May 13th, 2018

Dzogchen Kyudo Retreat:  Hitting the Main Point with One Shot

May 4th to May 14

"With every shot see your true nature."  Awa Kenzo

Shaho Kun 

Principles of Shooting by Master Junsei Yoshimi

The way is not with the bow but with the bone, which is of the greatest importance in shooting.

Placing Spirit (Kokoro) in the center of the whole body, with two thirds of the Yunde (left arm) push the string,

and with one-third of the Mete (right arm) pull the bow.  Spirit settled, this become harmonious unity.

From the center line of the chest, divide the left and right equally into release,

It is written, that the collision of iron and stone will release sudden sparks; and thus there is the golden body,

shining white, and the half moon positioned in the west.

"Initially we identify the fresh and naked state of uncontrived awareness through conditioned mindfulness,  However, if we leave the awareness as it is, at some poijjnt innate mindfulness, a natural state of awareness, will arise without our having to manipulate it through a conditioned mindfulness.  Through that innate mindfulness, the yoga of resting like a flowing river is maintained constantly, day and nightm during deep seep, in dreams-- all the time.  In order to recognize that, one should leave the mind uncontrived in the natural state,"

                   Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche commentary on "The Three Words that Strike the Vital Point by Garab Dorje

This retreat will explore kyudo training as the technique for understanding Dzogchen -- the teachings on The Great Perfection.  During this retreat we will explore the idea of isshin and zanshin and how they work within the teachings of Garab Dorje's "Three Words that Strike the Vital Point."

Isshin means "one mind".  This is the training of shamatha meditation for Dzogchen Practitioners and, in particular constitute cutting through the tendency of following one thought after another.  For the Kyudo practitioner we use the hassetsu or 7 steps of shooting the bow to synchornize mind and body in the activity of shooting the bow.

With body and mind fully present or synchronized we execute the shot.  At the moment of release of the arrow the archer shouts a kia which is called "the cutting voice."  This shout comes from the tanden of the archer -- in tantric terms "the secret place."

After the release and shout the archer "looks" or remains aware in the space created by the complete interupption of mind's habituation of what arises.  In tantric terminology this moment is called the "fourth moment" and is a direct pointing out of the nature of mind.

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