No one with a sincere desire to attend will be turned away from registration due to lack of funds.  We have staff and workstudy positions, as well as scholarships available.

Dzogchen Summer Seminary

July 6 to September 9, 2018

July 9-15, 2018 Hinayana Practice Retreat

July 17- August 4 Hinayana Study Period

August 6-12 Mahayana Practice Retreat

August 14- September 1 Mahayana Study Peroiod

September 3-9 Vajrayana Practice Retreat

September 11-30 Vajrayana Study Period


The Dzogchen Summer Seminary is a three month retreat at Dzogchen Meditation Center.  Participants engage in intensive meditation training coupled with the study of the Vajradhatu Seminary transcripts of the Vidyadhara Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and the Vajra Regent Osel Tendzin.

The Summer seminary program is modeled after the seminary training created by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche for his students.  Each month of training engages the teachings of each of the three yanas of the Budhhist path.

This program is a residential retreat.  Participants are required to live full-time at the Center.  There are currently two work/study positions available.

Summer Seminary program

$2600.00 includes room and board

Event Date 07-06-2018
Event End Date 09-30-2018
Individual Price $2,600.00
$2,600.00 10

"Never Forget Hinayana" Practice Intensive

July 9-15, 2018 $350.00 includes room and board

“As far as basic dharma is concerned, at this point everything is connected with the sitting practice of meditation alone. There is no area in the practice of hinayana Buddhism, which is the foundation of Buddhism, in which people can actually attain any notion of freedom at all without understanding or realizing the great need for sitting meditation practice. The sitting practice of meditation is immensely important in all this. The logic or the reason for this is that if we are at all working with the sense of egolessness, of any sort or any direction, we have to have some training that involves letting go of our ground, letting go of our carpet.”

Vidyadhara Trungpa Rinpoche 1975 Hinayana-Mahayana Transcripts pp.101

The Hinayana practice intensive comes at the beginning of the Dzogchen Summer Seminary.  During this intensive we will engage shamatha - vipashyana training  which forms the foundation of our three yana journey.  The emphasis of the training will be on developing one-pointed awareness.  

Participants will take the pratimoksha vows every morning.  Meals will be taken in the oryoki style developed by Trungpa Rinpoche.  The retreat will be silent.  Individual meditation instruction will be available.

Daily Schedule

5:30 Wake up

6-8 Morning Chants and Shamatha Vipashyana meditation 

8-8:30 Oryoki Breakfast

9-12 Shamatha Vipashyana Meditation

12-12:45 Oryoki Lunch

1:30- 3:00 Work Period

4-6 Shamatha -Vipashyana Meditation and Protector Chants

6-7 Oryoki Dinner

7-9 Shamatha-Vipashyana Meditation Closing Chants

10:00 lights out

Event Date 07-09-2018
Event End Date 07-15-2018
Individual Price $350.00
$350.00 10

Dzogchen Summer Seminary Mahayana Practice Intensive

August 6-12,2018

Event Date 08-06-2018
Event End Date 08-12-2018
Individual Price $350.00
$350.00 10

Dzogchen Summer Seminary Vajrayana Practice Intensive

September 3-9, 2018

Event Date 09-03-2018
Event End Date 09-09-2018
Individual Price $350.00
$350.00 10

Vajrayogini Tummo Men's Retreat

September 14th to 23rd, 2018

The Big No and the Avadhuti Yogin


"That No was a lady's legs with nicely heeled shoes.

That No is the best No of all.

When a gentleman smiles, a good man,

That No is the beauty of his hips.

When you watch the gait of youths as they walk with alternating cheek rhythm,

When you watch their behinds,

That No is fantastic thighs, not fat or thin but taut in their strenth,

Lovable or leaveable.

That No is shoulders that turn in or expand the chest,

sad or happy,

Without giving in to a deep sigh.

That No is No of all No's.

Relaxation or restraint is in question.

Nobody knows that big No,

But we alone know that No."

from "How to Know No"  by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche


This retreat is open to Vajrayogini practitioners who are interested in exploring the practice of "blazing and melting."  Particularly in this era of the #metoo movement the tantric exploration of masculine sexual energy provides a completely new perspective on what has become a degraded view in our society.  From the point of view of tantric practice masculine sexual energy is a tremendously powerful skillful means to realize coemergent wisdom through the practice of blissful inner heat.  Beyond the extremes of "acting out" impulsively on our sexual desires or cloistering ourselves in a monastic discipline harnessing our masculine sexual energy provides the yogin with the means to live within sacred outlook within our committed intimate relationships.

"If you don't have the potiential, the capability, the ability, to become horny, then you are not a student of vajrayana, literally. As long as you have those faculties in you -- lust, passion, and anger-- you are accepted in the vajrayana circle. It is not particularly dirty at all, its very clean and very respectable. Talking about last night's situation again, things began to bulge out and become slightly unrespectable, bulging out a little bit, dripping out a little bit here and there. We have to work on that, actually. That kind of feast was the first in the history of vajrayana Buddhism on this earth, in America. Considering that, it went quite well. But we would like to get together again-- I think we should do that."
Trungpa Rinpoche 1976

Prerequisites: Participants need to have received the Vajrayogini Abhiseka of the 6th Karmapa.  Completion of Kagyu Ngondro; extensive shamatha/vipashana training.

Cost:  $595 includes room and board

“The primeval background of the universe (or the unconscious—whatever you would like to call it) is not all just a blank, vacant state of nothingness. Rather it contains tremendous energy; it is completely filled with energy. If we examine this energy, we find it has two characteristics. One is the fire-like quality of consuming heat, and the second is the quality of direction. The primeval fire-like energy has a direction, a particular pattern of the flow, such as you might see in a spark. A spark contains heat, and it also responds to the air that directs it toward a particular location—the spark takes on a pattern of movement within the atmosphere. The whole process of the primeval background energy follows a pattern, which is the same whether it passes through the confused filter of ego or not. Its pattern goes on and on, continuously. It cannot be destroyed; it cannot be interrupted.

This spark, this energy that contains heat, is mentioned in connection with the yogic practice known as tummo. This is one of the six yogas of Naropa. Tummo practice has been described as the development of inner heat. The energy involved here has a consuming quality, an ever-burning quality, like that of the sun. It continuously burns and consumes until it reaches that point where, psychologically speaking, it no longer allows any room at all for doubts or manipulations. This vast power goes on and on and on, leaving no room to manipulate, leaving no room for confusion or ignorance or panic or doubt. However, when this heat is filtered through the ego process of ignorance, a very interesting development occurs. Rather than remaining a pure consuming process, it becomes slightly stagnated as a result of ignoring the basic ground, as a result of ego’s refusal to look at its own origin.

This, one might say, is where the basic twist of love occurs. Ordinary love, love as we usually encounter it in our lives, seems to contain a basic twist, just as the other aspects of our ordinary lives do. This is the basic twist of refusing to see the vast, all-consuming energy we have been talking about. As a result of refusing to acknowledge this energy, ego is forced to accommodate this vibrant energy is some sort of container. Ego accommodates that energy in the form of confusion.”

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

“Work, Sex, Money” pp114-115

Event Date 09-14-2018
Event End Date 09-23-2018
Individual Price $595.00