No one with a sincere desire to attend will be turned away from registration due to lack of funds.  We have staff and workstudy positions, as well as scholarships available.

"Never Forget Hinayana" Practice Intensive

July 8-16, 2019 $395.00 includes room and board

“As far as basic dharma is concerned, at this point everything is connected with the sitting practice of meditation alone. There is no area in the practice of hinayana Buddhism, which is the foundation of Buddhism, in which people can actually attain any notion of freedom at all without understanding or realizing the great need for sitting meditation practice. The sitting practice of meditation is immensely important in all this. The logic or the reason for this is that if we are at all working with the sense of egolessness, of any sort or any direction, we have to have some training that involves letting go of our ground, letting go of our carpet.”

Vidyadhara Trungpa Rinpoche 1975 Hinayana-Mahayana Transcripts pp.101

The Hinayana practice intensive comes at the beginning of the Dzogchen Summer Seminary.  During this intensive we will engage shamatha - vipashyana training  which forms the foundation of our three yana journey.  The emphasis of the training will be on developing one-pointed awareness.  

Participants will take the pratimoksha vows every morning.  Meals will be taken in the oryoki style developed by Trungpa Rinpoche.  The retreat will be silent.  Individual meditation instruction will be available.

Daily Schedule

5:30 Wake up

6-8 Morning Chants and Shamatha Vipashyana meditation 

8-8:30 Oryoki Breakfast

9-12 Shamatha Vipashyana Meditation

12-12:45 Oryoki Lunch

1:30- 3:00 Work Period

4-6 Shamatha -Vipashyana Meditation and Protector Chants

6-7 Oryoki Dinner

7-9 Shamatha-Vipashyana Meditation Closing Chants

10:00 lights out

Event Date 06-10-2019
Event End Date 06-16-2019
Individual Price $395.00
$395.00 10

Vajradhatu Seminary Retreat

June 10, 2019- September 1, 2019

The 1978 Seminary Transcripts

Every summer Tashi and the staff of Dzogchen Meditation Center offer a three month seminary program which is designed to re-engage the seminary teachings given by the Vidyadhara Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche within a retreat context.

Participants spend 6 to 8 hours a day hearing, contemplating and meditating with these profound teachings. We also live together in residence which makes it a very good stew. The whole idea is to create or recreate the environment in which these teachings were transmitted and in doing that receive them on the level of our bone and marrow. We are committed to offering this retreat every year focusing on one particular year of transcripts. This year we will use the 1978 Transcripts along with the Regent’s 1988 transcripts which serves as a kind of commentary for all of the Vidyadhara’s seminary teachings. .

 Those of us who were there for a particular vintage seminary were exposed to a remarkable experience which is known as “blessings.” Chinlap in Tibetan. This is the “atmosphere” of our lineage wisdom. At the same time, Vajradhatu Seminary, was a formal retreat. It had a structure which was designed by the Vidyadhara as skillful means to bring students into contact with this lineage wisdom. 

We always offer two work/study positions each year. 

$2400.00 includes room and board

Scholarships are available.

Event Date 06-10-2019
Event End Date 09-01-2019
Individual Price $2,400.00
$2,400.00 10

The Mahayana Retreat

July 8-14, 2019

Event Date 07-08-2019
Event End Date 07-14-2019

Sadhana of Mahamudra Drupchen

August 5, 2019 to August 11, 2019 

Crazy Wisdom

"Another aspect of the tradition of the Sadhana (of Mahamudra) is crazy wisdom, which is a very unusual topic. How can we say that craziness and wisdom could exist together? We could say quite saftely that the expression "crazy wisdom" is not correct; it is purely a linguistic convenience. We could say instead that wisdom comes first and craziness comes afterwards, so "wisdom crazy" is more accurate. In relation to the idea of journey, wisdom is an all -pervasive, all-encompassing vision or perspective. It is highly powerful and clear and precise. You are able to see things as they are, in their own right; you have no biases at all; you see things as they are, without any question. Out of that, you begin to develop craziness, which is not paying any attention to all the little wars, the little resistances that might be put up by the world of reference points, the world of duality. That is craziness."
Trungpa Rinpoche
Sadhana of Mahamudra Sourcebook

This will be a six session drupchen with a short daily feast using Trungpa Rinpoche's "Sadhana of Mahamudra."

This retreat is open to all Vajrayana Students of Trungpa Rinpoche's lineage.  

Cost: $400.00 plus feast materials

Includes room and board

Event Date 08-05-2019
Event End Date 08-11-2019
Individual Price $400.00
$400.00 10

Buddha in the Palm of Your Hand: The Mahamudra Teachings of the Vajra Regent Osel Tend

“By working for the benefit of others we overcome hope and fear and make our meditation practice continuous.  In any transition there is a gap where the absence of the previous reference point has not yet become the next one.  In that space, there is no time.  That is the Buddha’s time.”

Vajra Regent Osel Tendzin

This will be an intensive meditation retreat which will focus on the profound teachings of the Vajra Regent Osel Tendzin.  We will be making use of newly released recordings of the Vajra Regent giving talks on his text "Buddha in the Palm of Your Hand."  Through study, contemplation and meditation we will deepen our understanding of these profound teachings and mix our minds with the Vajra Regent and our Kagyu Lineage.

Cost: $495.00 includes room and board

Event Date 11-08-2019
Event End Date 11-17-2019
Individual Price $495.00
$495.00 9